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2020 will be the year of neo-banks

While payment and lending fintechs have traditionally dominated the landscape for fintechs in India, the advent of ‘neo-banks’ has been the latest big development in the fintech landscape. These ‘neo-banks’ are unbundling digital or mobile-only financial products and services that are easy to access, more affordable, and suited for unique customer needs.

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eOption Review 2020: Pros, Cons and How It Compares

The bottom line: A low $0.10 contract fee for options trades makes eOption ideal for high-volume, active options traders. But keep in mind that this product is designed for active options traders, so its offerings may disappoint long-term investors or active stock traders.

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GuruFocus Review 2020: Is it worth it?

GuruFocus is an online financial news and research platform that focuses on what the stock market’s insiders are investing in. But it’s focused on supporting day traders and professional investors, so casual investors beware.

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